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Pillars of Retirement

The Spokane Retirement Resource Center (SRRC) was formed after years of witnessing 'retirement plans' that only included one or two of what we call the Pillars of Retirement.  The SRRC's mission is to provide education to pre and post-retirees in a relatable and low-stress environment.


The SRRC has created an educational platform where community members can interact with professionals and learn about all the Pillars of Retirement.  The SRRC offers monthly workshops and can tailor a program to fit the needs of a particular group (upon approval).  We excel at providing education in a simple yet comprehensive format.

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Long-Term Care

Approximately 70% of all will need some form of LTC and approximately only 2.5% of Americans have insurance.  You may not need insurance, but you need a plan!

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Estate Planning

Do you know what Prince, Bob Marley, and Sonny Bono had in common?

No will.  Best case scenario with no will it costs more, worst case scenario, it creates family conflict.  The answer is to be prepared.

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Health & Medical

Health care continues to be one of the largest expenses in retirement.  It is estimated that the average couple will need $285,0001 in today's dollars for medical expenses in retirement, excluding long-term care.  Often the focus is on reactive, but its time to start being proactive!

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Tax Planning

America currently has debt in excess of $22 Trillion.  We are going to have to raise taxes and reduce benefits. Is your current plan ready?

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Income Planning

Transamerica's 17th Annual Retirement Survey finds that 51% of American workers are nervous that they will outlive their savings and investments.  Unfortunately, retirement savings statistics indicate that they're right to be nervous.

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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a phrase that is used in the financial and insurance industries but rarely does it fulfill its definition.  If any of the Pillars of Retirement are missing from your plan, then you may not have a proper Financial Plan.

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